Baphomet Sector: Season 5 - Ablaze


The bitter tale of invasion, desperation and heroism that unfolded during the War of Beasts was only the beginning. There was an even greater threat to Vigilus, the Nachmund Gauntlet and the Imperium Nihilus as a whole – that of the Warmaster Abaddon, and the dread legions of Chaos that marched at his command.

The Agents of Chaos have paved the way for their Warmaster, and as such, are rewarded. Add 1 to the Leadership characteristic of all units with the CHAOS Faction Keyword, for their dominance during the events of Vigilus Defiant.

Vigilus Ablaze

Score victory in Vigilus Ablaze missions or battlezones to earn Glory for yourself and your faction. Along with your opponent, choose a points value, a Vigilus Ablaze Mission and if desired, a Vigilus Ablaze Battlezone.

Obtaining Victory in battle 10 Glory to every victor
Using a Vigilus Ablaze Battlezone 2 Glory to every player
Playing a Vigilus Ablaze Crucible of War mission 1 Glory to every player
Playing a Vigilus Ablaze Echoes of War mission 3 Glory to every player
Bonus glory points in each campaign round See the current phase below

First Phase of the War of Nightmares

Round One - Jan 7 to Jan 20
14.989 POST VCM.M41 to 15.134 POST VCM.M41

Galvanised by Haarken Worldclaimer's dread boast, and the news of Abaddon's approach, the Imperial forces led by Marneus Calgar strike back at the armies of Chaos all across the war-torn planet.

Marneus Calgar boards the Laurels of Victory, intent on intercepting the Despoiler's fleet before it comes within striking distance of Vigilus. However, even as the fleets engage, the bridge of his flagship is assaulted by Slaaneshi Daemons.

In this campaign round, the following special rules apply:
  • Vigilus Ablaze: Add 1 to the Leadership characteristic of all units with the CHAOS Faction Keyword, for their dominance during the events of Vigilus Defiant.
  • Commanding Position: Battle-forged armies that only include models with the CHAOS keyword have one extra Command Point.
  • Resolute Yet Arrogant: Add 1 to the Leadership characteristic of IMPERIUM units while there are any enemy CHAOS units on the battlefield.
  • Bonus Glory: Players earn 5 bonus Glory each time they participate in one of the following missions:
    • On the Bridge (pg 134)
    • Contact Lost (Warhammer 40,000 rulebook)
  • Bonus Glory: Players earn 1 bonus Glory each time they participate in a mission using the Spaceship battlezone (pg 146).


Upcoming Phases

Phase 1 Round 1: January 7 to January 20
Phase 1 Round 2: January 21 to February 3
Phase 1 Round 3: February 4 to February 17
Phase 1 Round 4: February 18 to March 2
Phase 1 Round 5: March 3 to March 16
Phase 1 Round 6: March 17 to March 30

Phase 2 Round 1: March 31 to April 13
Phase 2 Round 2: April 14 to April 27
Phase 2 Round 3: April 28 to May 11
Phase 2 Round 4: May 12 to May 25
Phase 2 Round 5: May 26 to June 8
Phase 2 Round 6: June 9 to June 22

Phase 3 Round 1: June 23 to July 6
Phase 3 Round 2: July 7 to July 20
Phase 3 Round 3: July 21 to August 3
Phase 3 Round 4: August 4 to August 17
Phase 3 Round 5: August 18 to August 31
Phase 3 Round 6: September 1 to September 14

Warp Tear

The quickest path to Vigilus is through the hole in reality known as the Warp Tear. Score victory in Chapter Approved (2018) Missions, optionally using Chapter Approved: Empyric Storms battlezone rules to move up the Warp Tear ladder.

With victory in the Warp Tear comes advantage in all theaters of war. If when starting any Vigilus mission, your rank on the Warp Tear ladder is greater than your opponent, you may designate an enemy unit. That unit is delayed by warp storms, and may not arrive on the battlefield before the second turn.

  1. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  2. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  3. The Black Lust (Matthew)
  4. House Cygnus (Avery)
  5. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  6. Scions of the Silent King (Phil)
  7. The Enlightened Path (Jim)
  8. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)
  9. Blood Angles (Jason)
  10. Future War Cult (Cody)
  11. The Eater Plague (Phillip)
  12. Alpha Legion (Stikven)
  13. Unforgiven (Cristian)
  14. Daemons of Tzeentch (Gabriel)
  15. Hammers of Nocturne (Langdon)
  16. Heralds of Rot (Gabriel)
  17. Mon'tau Cadre (Zach)
  18. Clan Raukaan (Oliver)

Sector Rules

The War on Vigilus draws the attention of the denizens of Baphomet Sector. Each week, we will see a new round in the War of Beasts, which will award bonus Glory if specific conditions are met.

While Vigilus occupies the center stage, Baphomet Sector is not at peace. War rages in the Warp Tear, as factions vie for control over the most direct conduit to Vigilus.

Reporting Glory Earned
  • After winning a battle, tag me and your opponent(s).
  • Report who won, how much glory each player earned, and how they earned it.
  • Your opponent(s) confirm your report.

Player Factions
  • If multiple players fight for the same allegiance, their earned glory will be combined in the Faction Glory category.
  • Glory points earned in a match against another player from the same allegiance are halved. Fight your enemies!

Climbing the Warp Tear Ladder
  • After winning a battle, tag me and your opponent(s), and report who won.
  • Your opponent(s) confirm your report.
  • If the winner of a battle is the lower of the two players on the ladder, they swap places with their opponent.
  • If the winner is higher up the ladder, they swap places with the player that is directly above them, unless they are at the very top, in which case the loser drops a rung on the ladder.
  • In the case of a tie, the players remain in their current positions.