Baphomet Sector: Season 4

Baphomet Prime

Once the Imperium's primary Starport in the Baphomet Sector, Baphomet Prime's thousand story Hive cities lay in ruin.

Strange arcane energies hum in the place of old Imperial power manufactorums, clear evidence that the Necron Tomb World has been retaken by its old lords once again.

Score victory in Chapter Approved: Stronghold Assault missions using Chapter Approved: Industrial Worlds battlezone rules to move up the Baphomet Prime ladder.

  1. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  2. Blood Angles (Jason)
  3. House Cygnus (Avery)
  4. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  5. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)
  6. Spears of Mars (Tristan)
  7. Rauck-Chav WAAAGH! (Matt)
  8. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  9. Sept Ember (Jason)


A humid world, with an atmosphere thick enough to trouble breathing in most humanoids, Mithras is home to a spectacular variety of deadly indigenous life.

The besieged defenders must not only secure their foothold from their enemies, but also the local fauna.

Score victory in Chapter Approved: Eternal War missions to move up the Mithras ladder.

  1. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  2. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  3. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  4. House Cygnus (Avery)
  5. Alpha Legion (Stikven)
  6. Blood Angles (Jason)
  7. Future War Cult (Cody)
  8. The Black Lust (Matthew)
  9. Unforgiven (Cristian)
  10. Scions of the Silent King (Phil)
  11. Mont'au Cadre (Zach)
  12. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)
  13. Heralds of Rot (Gabriel)
  14. Clan Raukaan (Oliver)


Once a verdant world, lush with rolling plains and vast crystal clear oceans, Aleister has suffered heavily under a brutal siege. The remnants of the civilian population on Aleister thank the Emperor and the mysterious Xenos allies for a brief time of respite following the war.

For 12 long months, invading BattleCruiers laid down devastating firestorms, pockmarking the formerly beautiful surface with craters. Today, thick black smoke chokes the air, ruined settlements dot the land, and promethium spills pollute the waters.

Score victory in Chapter Approved: Planetstrike missions to move up the ladder.

  1. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  2. Blood Angles (Jason)
  3. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  4. House Cygnus (Avery)
  5. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  6. Unforgiven (Cristian)
  7. Heralds of Rot (Gabriel)
  8. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)


Gnost has seen hundreds of local fiefdoms rise and fall over the centuries, but unexplained circumstances have rendered its atmosphere arid and dehydrated.

Crusade Castigatus weathered the harsh desert to secure a foothold in the sector, but strange spores from Hive Fleet Charlene have begun to appear, threatening to bring life back to this barren wasteland.

Score victory in Chapter Approved: Maelstrom of War missions to move up the Gnost ladder.

  1. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)
  2. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  3. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  4. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  5. Alpha Legion (Stikven)
  6. Blood Angles (Jason)
  7. Future War Cult (Cody)
  8. The Black Lust (Matthew)
  9. Spears of Mars (Tristan)
  10. Mont'au Cadre (Zach)
  11. Hive Fleet Camazotz (Greg)
  12. Hammers of Nocturne (Langdon)
  13. House Cygnus (Avery)
  14. Unforgiven (Cristian)
  15. Heralds of Rot (Gabriel)
  16. Scions of the Silent King (Phil)
  17. Sept Ember (Jason)
  18. Rauck-Chav WAAAGH! (Matt)
  19. Ultramarines (Phillip)
  20. Daemons of Tzeentch (Gabriel)
  21. Skull Flayers (Mikael)
  22. Crusade of the Endless Joy (Chris W)

Warp Tear

Amid the chaos of the Baphomet Sector, a loyal Imperium Supply Ship suddenly emerges from the Immaterium, broadcasting a distress signal on all open channels.

The transmission ends abruptly as the ship is torn apart. Flashes of the Immaterium escape into reality as the rift starts to grow, its own chaotic energies helping to stabilize its presence where it decidedly does not belong.

Score victory in Chapter Approved: Maelstrom of War using Chapter Approved: Empyric Storms battlezone rules to move up the Warp Tear ladder.

  1. Liberation Ventures Inc (Bombard)
  2. Hive Fleet Morlakii (James)
  3. The Black Lust (Matthew)
  4. House Cygnus (Avery)
  5. Klik'tat Reclamation Legion (David)
  6. Scions of the Silent King (Phil)
  7. The Enlightened Path (Jim)
  8. Unforgiven (Cristian)
  9. Blood Angles (Jason)
  10. Future War Cult (Cody)
  11. The Eater Plague (Phillip)
  12. Alpha Legion (Stikven)
  13. Wolves of Horus (Mikael)
  14. Daemons of Tzeentch (Gabriel)
  15. Hammers of Nocturne (Langdon)
  16. Heralds of Rot (Gabriel)
  17. Mon'tau Cadre (Zach)
  18. Clan Raukaan (Oliver)

Sector Rules

Chapter Approved brings us rules for 24 new missions, and 2 new Battlezones. Season 4 features 5 separate ladders using these rules, themed around the planets in Baphomet Sector.

Each ladder asks you to challenge an opponent to a game of 40k with a specific set of rules. Win, and you climb the ladder. Lose, or stop playing, and you fall down the ladder.

Issuing a Challenge
  • The Challenger selects a Ladder, and an Opponent.
  • The Challenger selects a points value: 500 - 2,000.
  • The Challenger makes a post tagging the Defender to start the 30 day timer.

Receiving a Challenge
  • The Defender selects a power level: 25 - 100.
  • The Defender selects time and place.

Settling a Challenge
  • Players build armies complying within both limits.
  • Players roll on the Ladder's assigned mission table to determine a mission.
  • Missions on Baphomet Prime or the Warp Tear use the assigned Battlezone rules.

Reporting a Challenge
  • The Challenger tags me and the Defender in a post.
  • The Challenger reports the winning and losing armies, and the date of the match.
  • The Defender confirms the Challenger's report.

Climbing the Ladder
  • If the winner of a battle is the lower of the two players on the ladder, they swap places with their opponent.
  • If the winner is higher up the ladder, they swap places with the player that is directly above them, unless they are at the very top, in which case the loser drops a rung on the ladder.
  • In the case of a tie, the players remain in their current positions.

Abandoning a Challenge BLAM!
  • If the Defender is unable to schedule a game with any player for 30 days after being issued a challenge, the Defender forfeits that challenge.
  • While a challenge has been issued, the Challenger may not challenge anyone else, unless the challenge is rescinded or forfeited.


Kill Team War Effort

Maintaining a Kill Team Command Roster.
  • Download and fill out a Kill Team Command Roster.
  • Give me the name of your Kill Team.
  • Every Kill Team starts with 8 units of each resource.
  • Challenge players to Kill Team matches in order to secure additional resources using the rules for Issuing a Challenge above.

  • Intelligence: A faction's spy networks and intelligence gathering assets.
  • Materiel: A faction's military resources, whether it be weaponry, armour, transport or more esoteric items.
  • Morale: A faction's will to keep fighting, whether through nobility , determination, hatred or spite.
  • Territory: A measure of the locations and facilities currently controlled by the faction

  • Follow the Campaign Rules to select Campaign Missions, and to maintain your kill team.
  • Whenever a mission results in the losing player(s) losing a resource, the winning player(s) gain that same value of lost resources.
  • Upon reaching a certain number of Resources, receive bonuses in your Baphomet Sector Ladder matches. Details coming soon™.